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Irish Tesco Warehouse Staff Tagged

February 14, 2013 1 comment
Irish news has reported that Tesco at the Donabate warehouse in Dublin has come up with a new gadget to monitor staff performance. The motorola device tracks staff movement and records speed at which orders are picked from the warehouse and also rates the speed of forklift drivers. It grades the staff based on speed which raises levels of competition in the workplace which will no doubt lead to increased pressure on the mainly Eastern European workers to do as much work as possible.

The staff can turn it off when on their lunch break but then it keeps rolling while you take a toilet break, drink of water or need to stop during the shift at any other time. Which means that your productivity score at the end of the day will include any pauses. This could have an effect in union organisation (not to mention health and safety concerns) if staff are rushing around preventing them from communicating with others.

In the last five years the average number of employees in a 40,000 foot Tesco superstore has fallen by 18%. This is partly due to them replacing cashiers with self-service tills and the introduction of schemes such as the dreaded SYA (in 2004), its sickness and absence policy the most common reason for disciplinary hearings, a scheme piloted by Tesco and then introduced into the public sector. The workers are organised in SIPTU but pressure needs to be put on Usdaw to be on watch for similar practices spreading to the UK.

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Activist 40: February 2013

February 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Includes articles on HMV, democratising the union, Doncaster Tesco drivers, Sherburn defections, horsemeat scandal and more

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