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Co-op Pay Offer: Too Good to be True?

“Usdaw negotiates an 8.5% pay increase for 60,000 Co-op retail staff” proudy said the press release of March 10th on the Usdaw website. In a period of low or no pay rises for many workers, such a significant rise, from £6.73 an hour to £7.30 on basic pay (an extra £1,200 a year for a full time worker), is something that many Co-op workers and reps will welcome.

Even with the pay rise, basic pay rates will be less than the ‘living wage’ set by academics at Loughborough University, and which ADM agreed in 2013 should be basis from which our pay claims should start, let alone the £10 an hour unanimously supported at the 2014 Trades Unions Congress.

Yet the Usdaw website also says of the deal “The package includes proposals to simplify existing reward practices, improve consistency and better align the Co-op to market practices among major food retailers.” What this cryptic language actually means is that the Co-op are taking away current terms which mean that sick pay is paid from day one of absence, rather than after 3 days off in other retailers. It also means that bank holidays are now to be treated as normal working days.

Whilst the sick pay changes affect only a minority of the staff, these are generally members with much longer service who, due to age, are statistically more likely to be more regularly off sick. Whilst the changes are being justified by saying 3 day waiting is now the supermarket standard, surely our negotiators should be trying to extend paid sick pay from day one rather than weakening it?

Some staff will understandably be grateful of a decent pay rise, but our terms and conditions should not be traded away so lightly by the union’s negotiators. Therefore the Activist recommends a no vote in the upcoming ballot.

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  1. Saracen
    March 17, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    And sold to the highest bidder! slavery is alive and well !

  2. Wendy
    April 29, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    This is an umberella vote aimed at all the staff on the old contracts!…we had to work a year without holiday pay to get our perks….in some areas the contracts were paid off, ours wasn’t so why does everybody else get to vote on our contract change?. results on April 22nd, still waiting!…..if the result is, that us On the old contracts lose, then I for one am coming out of the Union for definite!

  3. Xcode-op
    April 30, 2015 at 8:23 am

    It must be just me but this pay rise at the co-op?.can no one else see what all staff have to give up in order to recive this great? Payment.there must be some one else out there that can see the amount of rights in there contracts that we will not see again.still money talks to those that are blind.the reason that the staff have received this gift from the bosses,is not because of the hard and many years of work,its because the company has to keep up with the rest of the big companies,such as Tasco,Asda.still enjoy the pay rise and and don’t complain, when things start too show there real true colours.so let’s look at the rest of 2015 and More co-op changes????????????.

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